brownies – a completely acceptable breakfast

Chocolate Chips

This is the second time I have discussed breakfast as well as throw my mother under the bus as a sugar-pusher, but I’m going to tell my little story anyway. 

I’ve woken up several times this past week craving something chocolaty (no big surprise there) at five in the morning.  I’ve been a good girl and haven’t acted upon it.  I get ready for the gym and pick out my clothes for work and head out for a good cardio session.  However, the craving brings to mind when I was young and chubby and breakfast could have very well been synonymous with dessert.  This was also before I really picked up the baking bug and boxed mixes pass as homemade to a nine year old.

There was always something for dessert at home and occasionally or maybe it was more than occasionally my mother would bake brownies on Friday to sustain through the weekend.  She’d bake them in a casserole dish so that they were real thick and gooey in the middle.  The middle piece was always fought over and eventually we had to take turns.  She also always added semi-sweet chocolate morsels to the batter which to me make a brownie.

My father always worked on Saturdays, so my mother and her two chocolate-loving daughters were left alone to be naughty.  Sundays we usually had the traditional breakfast at home-pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, etc. or go out for breakfast.  To my mom, it just didn’t make sense to make the same fuss two days in a row especially when there were perfectly acceptable brownies that needed to be eaten.  I don’t ever remember complaining or turning one down but as I got older I did joke about how “healthy” we were being.  My mother’s response was very sincere–brownies aren’t so different from pancakes or muffins!

We’d cut a nice square piece of brownie and fill up a mug of milk.  I usually ate it sitting on the couch or cross-legged on the floor while I watched television: Tom & Jerry, X-Men, and then begin the series of feel-good movies on TNT.  Don’t get me wrong, I probably had a stomach ache afterwards but nothing that outweighed the smile that eating a brownie for breakfast brought to my face.


13 Responses to “brownies – a completely acceptable breakfast”

  1. brownies for breakfast sound really good…why can’t they be good for the waistline too!!! my mom always made ours in the casserole dish (family size!) with semi-sweet chips too. once i made them when i was little and added so many m&ms that they were still pure goo after baking them for a million years. quite possibly the best brownie i ever had, as i can still picture them all these years later 🙂

  2. You woke up craving chocolate at 5am?? That’s impressive, I can’t face it before 9am and hubby can’t touch sweet things before 2pm. Sounds like your mum has given you some wonderful memories…

  3. What can I say… It was really bad before. I used to think about the next time I get to have chocolate. Now I have it under control…I think. LOL

  4. Hey, thanks for your blog comment. Looks like we have a mutual obsession with things chocolatey.

    There is nothing wrong with brownies for breakfast. They’re an all-purpose kind of foodstuff. And full of goodness! All those eggs must be good for you. And chocolate’s good for your heart, no?

  5. This post brought a smile to my face… I used to do pretty much the same thing, too! Ah, sweet childhood memories… 🙂

  6. Totally had a brownie for breakfast today. Sometimes you have to let your inner child win.

  7. I think I’m going to have to bake brownies now. Maybe lava cake.

  8. My dad used to let me have ice cream for breakfast on weekends and when I would laugh about how “unhealthy” it was for me he would say, “it’s milk, cream, eggs… perfectly acceptable.” 🙂


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