juste un petit morceau de cinéma

It was a bit drizzly out last night; perfect whether for snuggling up for a movie.  I put on ChocolatI’ve seen it a dozen of times, but the fairytale story and it is just too precious and of course as indicated by the title it includes my favorite ingredient.  For everyone who hasn’t seen it, it is based in a small French town and a lovely independent wanderer and her daughter come to show them that tranquilité isn’t always the way to happiness; it isn’t spoken in French, and I wouldn’t suggest watching the clip because it is toward the end and I just don’t like ruining movies for people.

For those who have, this is one of the best Chocolategasms I have seen and reiterates that prohibition and restriction is just not the way…

…and sometimes just a little piece of chocolate isn’t enough.


2 Comments to “juste un petit morceau de cinéma”

  1. Oh my gosh that movie was the most delicious pain. I can’t have much dairy so it drove me crazy! But it was so, so good.

  2. Je finirai de voir ça dans la semaine

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