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October 9, 2011

just a little birthday

It’s me!  It’s me!  I’m here and knee-deep in photo editing from the some 3,000+ photos of the trip (yes, 3,000 between the two of us and believe me not all good–ha!).  I’m not ready to divulge the tasty details of my vacation but I thought I would catch up with a blog post about my birthday last month.

Since I was a little girl, my birthday isn’t exactly something I look forward to.  I don’t really mind getting older, but all the fuss and attention gives me anxiety to the point where I’d rather just peek out of the covers that day and find the nearest exit.  My family is convinced that this sentiment stemmed from year after year of getting sick on my birthday when I was in grade school.  If Chuck-E-Cheese wasn’t fun already, it really isn’t fun with a fever.

This year I decided to actually try to plan something.  A get-together with me written all over it: wine, food, music, and sitting around being lazy.  I was so happy to spend the day with my family and friends who were able to make it to Salerno Winery to join me in basking in perfect September weather.  We celebrated together the day after the vineyard’s harvest so the pace of the day moved slow like honey.  The clearing of empty wine bottles resounded like wind chimes only to be followed by the deep drum of another round being set down.  Once everyone’s bellies were full and wine pumping through the patrons veins, the piano man began and the violinist followed.

My birthday certainly didn’t need to be the cause for celebration that day, but I’m glad it was.  The smiling faces.  Friends meeting other friends.  I ended up wondering why this shouldn’t happen every weekend.

Despite my “No gifts!” plea, I received more than my fair share and truth be told, these were gifts that I wouldn’t give back in a second!  My parents surprised (SURPRISED!) me with my very own shiny black Kitchenaid mixer (marking that off my dream kitchen).

It only took me a day to get it out of its box.  I had to rearrange the kitchen a bit but it was well worth it to see the black shiny animal crouched atop my granite counter.

I do have a confession.  Since returning from Europa, my caffeine habit has turned a new leaf.  Now, I find little to no satisfaction in a regular cup of coffee.  I found myself looking at my big mug of coffee and longing for an itty bitty cup not unlike the ones I used as a child at tea parties with my stuffed animals.

Something about that dark, bitter as chocolate nibs drink that made me feel lost without it.  Then this came to the rescue in the form of a birthday gift:

The condensed milk is a bit of an inside joke and an honest-to-goodness obsession of mine: if there is condensed milk in it, then I adore it!

I’m crossing my fingers that I can share the gastro-adventures I had in Europe.  Until then…