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November 5, 2009

just some college memories

I was reminiscing about my college days which at the time seemed a lot more desolate and desperate than I view them now.  Now, I dream about going to back to school.  Now, I think about how oddly I had more time then than I do know to pursue other things and even more serious than that was that the hope that you have in school.  Anything is possible still.  Once you leave, at least for me, that mentality is harder to hang on to but certainly not impossible.  The problem with reminiscing is that I inevitably think of my current life and lifestyle and have to fight off the urge to compare rather than enjoy the memory.

What did I love best about college?  Definitely the learning part and I’m not being sarcastic.  It is the kind of thing I know not everyone understands but that I hope that everyone would.  I’m an avid exerciser (is that a word?) and for me reading, writing, applying it is all exercise for my brain and I’ve never been someone to do something half-assed.  I suppose that is why not continuing to get my Master’s and PHD is a bit bothersome to me–BUT, there I go again…get back to the memory.

I certainly didn’t LOVE the food and that was clear with the vanishing waistline I had in contrast to the Freshmen 15.  However, when I look at my diet, I can say I probably never ate better.  This is also when I really discovered that I absolutely loved cereal.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner if there wasn’t something else edible at the cafeteria or I had my fill of grilled chicken sandwiches, there was CEREAL.

Not just any cereal, there was half of a wall stacked with cereal boxes from which I obsessively chose a box that was either unopened or had minimal amounts consumed (less cereal users).  Non-fat milk  up until this point was sacrilegious when compared to the 2% variety.  But in cereal, is 2% really necessary?  The harder change was to get over my childish impulse to spoon white sugar over my cereal.  I still had to have at least one spoonful over my beloved Wheaties.

Other than that it was the salad and sandwich bar for me.  Occasionally there was a toasted bagel with cream cheese but that was really hit or miss.  If I had an early morning with more time I always treated myself to Belgian waffles if the irons didn’t look a mess.  Okay, that wasn’t EVERYTHING I ate.  I nearly had an ice cream cone or Carnation cup everyday because otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have fallen over dead at the gym.  So let this be a lesson–a scoop of ice cream a day can save your life!

Anyway, while I was laying in bed it was clear to me that college gave me more than an education and somewhat decent eating habits.  It was a good time and it gave me hope that it wouldn’t be the last best time of my life.  Interesting how things that seem difficult at the time when looked up are the things that end up making me smile…maybe not all of those memories…but a lot and there’s hope for more in the future.

Now to get a scoop of ice cream.