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April 23, 2012

just a little quacky

I have cinnamon every day.  Typically my cinnamon is sprinkled over my homemade latte but every once in a while, this girl really needs a cinnamon roll:

(Or even close to a dozen cinnamon rolls.)  When I want a cinnamon roll, I want a gooey, cinnamony finger-licking awesome cinnamon roll.  That being said it took a bit to figure out what recipe I was going to try out to satisfy my craving; there were no-yeast recipes and yeast recipes.  I chose a yeast recipe and prepared the rolls for baking the night before.  The lovely blog, Buttered Up, provided me with instructions.  However, for my version I added just a bit more sugar to the dough, using 3/4 of a cup instead of 1/2.  (Just wait this gets a whole lot unhealthier.)  For the filling, to ensure ooey gooey cinnamon ecstasy, I used damn near double the ingredients.  I did include almonds in my version but I used sliced almonds over the top instead of inside.  I didn’t use a WHOLE lot of glaze, namely because I was rather low on powdered sugar; I also intentionally used marscapone cheese to make sure the glaze wasn’t too tangy (I’m funny about cream cheese frosting on cinnamon rolls).

Overall, I am pretty stoked with the outcome. The center pieces were the best of course, and somehow despite my over-abundant use of sugar, they didn’t come out overly sweet either.  Why I didn’t cut the recipe in half?  I have no idea, because I was up to my ears in cinnamon rolls for the rest of the week.

Thankfully, I’ve been on a good stretch of eating my greens and protein for breakfast again (not that there isn’t anything wrong with a little sweet to begin the day).

Focaccia bread with mixed green salad, spinach, roasted asparagus, goat cheese, and an egg on top.  Done and done.

In other news, I recently had a delicious lunch special at Zanzibar Café.  Typically I don’t order pizza or anything remotely similar when I go out to eat because with an eight year old who nearly only eats pizza; I’m usually plain sick of it.  But they had me at duck bacon sausage.

Delightful! The duck bacon sausage flatbread (i.e. pizza) was delicious and I do hope that they keep it on the menu despite only being a lunch time special.  I just can’t see myself figuring out how to make duck bacon sausage to recreate it at home.  Confession: I ate the whole thing save a piece that I shared with my lunch date.  That afternoon was particularly gorgeous and we (as in three) indulged in an afternoon bottle of White Haven Sauvignon Blanc, which I think went quite nicely with my pizza flatbread.

Crossing my fingers that next time won’t be so long from now, toodle-loo!