food is the best outside – the hopeful start of a tradition

Living in such a warm and friendly city, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a meal outside whether it be an entire feast or a cup of tea.  It’s my hope that I try to do this more often especially as the sun continues to burn off those lingering clouds.

From the start, I was having a shitty day.  The foulness of the day before had managed to run fluidly through my sleep to remind me upon waking that yes, shit hit the fan.  Tears welled up and I grabbed my pillow–not sure whether I was looking to hurt it or for it to comfort me.  This tragedy is surely not the point, but it was a motivating factor behind getting out of my dungeon of a room, escaping the pot smokers in the apartment below, and finding somewhere a bit more–open.

I donned my new sexy bikini and grabbed the sunblock and car keys.  It had been a while since I had eaten and my stomach was speaking up on the matter.  There were a wide variety of spots to stop and eat on my way to the beach, but sitting down for a rushed meal wasn’t going to be the least bit comforting.  I wanted to be on the sand and I wanted breakfast too.

I zipped on over to Charlie’s Best Bread, a favorite of mine but certainly not utilized enough.  I can’t be sure that the man at the register is Charlie.  He encourages me to try the breads and cookies that are out for tasting on the small counter.  I try a bit of oatmeal raisin cookie and I know that I’m definitely going to buy something with cinnamon in it.  I end up picking up a moon sized cinnamon roll and a raspberry-cream cheese scone to match (and snicker-doodles for later. Hey, I wasn’t doing this alone–I had an accomplice with me).

Pacific Beach Bakery

Pacific Beach Bakery

I made a mental note to check out the jams and the muffins next time and went on my way to buck the star for a hot chocolate. 

The beach was peaceful and quiet.  There was plenty of room to sprawl out and still do some people watching too.  I disrobed and sat cross-legged on my beach towel, pulling my bag of goodies in front of me and before being overwhelmed by bake goods, took a deep breath of the ocean air.  We started on the raspberry scone and it was perfect for hot chocolate dipping!  My skin was warming up as I savored the tangy berry taste along my tongue.  Hardly to my surprise, when the last crumb of scone had been fought for, the cinnamon roll was unwrapped.

Cinnamon.  If chocolate wasn’t in this world, my attention and taste buds would be reserved for cinnamon.  The dough of this roll shouldn’t be dismissed either.  It was sweet and tender, unveiling its gooey underside in thick rings, unadulterated by any frosting.  My fingers were getting plenty sticky and rather than try to continue the spiral, we took turns biting into hands-down the best part of a cinnamon roll–the middle.  The air was salty, the waves against Crystal pier were melodious, and the roll was absolutely delightful. 

With a full belly and satisfied smile, I laid down on the towel and dug my feet into the sand.  Breakfast in the sand.  Beats breakfast in bed any day.


3 Responses to “food is the best outside – the hopeful start of a tradition”

  1. i love breakfasts on the beach. your morning sounds heavenly! i hope that lifted you right out of your funk & bad mood and made you feel simply happy & blissful. sounds like it did at least!


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