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March 26, 2014

just a little chicken & waffles with Tennessee Honey


Here in San Diego, chicken and waffles is a bit controversial.  Being a transplant city, the pairing either receives rave reviews or a twisted up face after just reading it on a menu. For me, it’s my go to menu item at the Hash House, split between my significant lover and me.

I had wanted to create my own chicken and waffle plate at home ever since I got it in my head that chicken and waffles would be great with a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey syrup.  And you know something?  I was right. Quelle grande surprise!

I used my fried chicken recipe and quite frankly, you go ahead and use whatever waffle recipe you like best.  I found mine in my Gourmet magazine recipe compilation.  Side note: If I did it again, I’d throw in some bacon in the waffle batter.

Now for the syrup!  Brace yourself, if you have never made syrup before amounts of naughty ingredients may shock you.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Syrup:

~1/2 cup of butter

~3/4 cup of brown sugar

~1/2 cup of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey

Begin by melting sugar and butter in a sauce pan.  Whisk in whiskey and raise to boil.  You will have to continuously whisk, the idea being that the sugar melts completely (3-5 minutes).  Syrup will be piping hot when done so mind your chicken licken’ fingers.