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March 5, 2012

just a little scone

Where have I been?!?  I’ve had a bit of an identity crisis lately: Am I unemployed or do I have a job to do?  Having passed my real estate license exam (WOOT!), I am forced to wait for all my paperwork to go through, meanwhile I’ve helped with Make-A-Wish Foundation, getting stung by a bee, and photo editing galore!

I did manage to make my first batch of scones which came out lovely using this recipe from Confessions of a Tart.  They came out wonderfully.  Soft like a muffin, dry like a biscuit, which is why my cuzzie suggested that it has its own identity crisis.  But I don’t care! I love a good scone.  If you prefer a sweeter scone, then I would suggest adding more sugar than the recipe calls for but I liked the contrast between the sweet tart strawberries and the floury scone.  Up to you.