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March 18, 2010

just a little day dreaming

Lately I have been participating in high volume day dreaming.  So high in fact I also entertained the idea of starting another blog devoted to my own mindless wanderings and explorations of this other life my head leads.  I’ve gotten to the point where I actually go on as a result of my dreaminess.  Any one know their policy for bringing dogs over?  🙂 Could leave Vivi especially since she’s named after the patron saint of Paris! 

So not all of my dreams have been of becoming an expatriot (or is it expatriate?) but it just sounds so awfully romantic.  On a more realistic note, Craigslist has also been an obsession of mine as I try to stay up to date and follow-up on any itty bitty studio in the Bankers Hill or PB area that fits my unforgiving price range. 

I did manage to bake some glorious cookies from a recipe given to me from to great and wonderful friends, one of which grew up in Claremont, CA (the home of Some Crust Bakery)  Some Crust makes these glorious cookies called Mocha Cookies and their Decadence Mocha Cookies (if you like white chocolate) are equally amazing.  Brownies in cookie form.  Read the article/recipe here from their moment of fame with the LA Times.  Now, I was rather nervous that I wouldn’t do the bakery justice, but I have to say, “Toot!  Toot!” –yeah I’m tooting my horn on this one–I did a damn good job!  I brought a few to work, left some at home, and have had one every day for breakfast. 

Yet another gift from the same friends or the second half of this glorious couple, came by mail yesterday.  (Who doesn’t love mail?)  I received Debra Smigley’s The Go-Getter Girl’s GuideI’ve already started reading it and it is playing into my fantasy land quite nicely.  This might also spur an additional blogging quest.

I’m also getting ridiculously fed up with my closet collection.  Who knew I would be the kind of girl to desperately seek the perfect pair of black leggings for under $15!?!  I’ve made up my mind to purchase some new work shirts…they are an investment, not a splurge.

80 degrees in San Diego and I’m not in the least bit complaining.