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August 14, 2009

just little women

I’m just a little piece at 5 feet tall which is just fine by me however it does make me a little more inclined to be curvy (well, curvy compared to tall, thin and rail-like) because of my stature.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t endowed on top as well as I am on the bottom but that’s karma for you.  Apparently running around with triple D bras on your head in department stores when you are little leaves you a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

Last night, I caught E!’s Top 25 Most Voluptuous Vixens and although I was conflicted when it came to the ranking and that a few of the lovely ladies I felt fell under Wonderfully Waspy rather than curvy (you can’t just slap on some boobies and call a girl curvy…please).  The Latina Ladies with their truly fantastic shapes did dominate the list as well as a few European Goddesses and Domestic Princesses sprinkled throughout.  More importantly ;p I was excited by how many petite women showed up on the list.  Sure studies have shown that height has a correlation with one’s success in life, but these little ladies light up the sex appeal and brush their shoulders off in the face of those so-called studies.

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