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May 23, 2011

just a little chocolate in a pinch

What happens when you’re out of eggs, butter, you haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks, and you’re having a chocolate craving?  Oh, you bet your ass you get creative!  A couple of weeks ago this happened to me and truth be told I was long overdue for breaking out my copy of Chocolate by Trish Deseine.  I bought the book after seeing it on a fellow blogger’s site and wow, the photography is amazing and the recipes so easy to follow it is hardly believable the beautiful desserts that come from them are so elegant.  Check out Trish’s About page, reading it is, for me, reading a life that I want.

I zeroed in on her recipe for truffles.  Everything on the list, I had and there would be plenty of opportunities to lick my fingers as I made them.  I divided up the chocolate mixture to create different flavors for variety: original (or plain), espresso, and spicy!  I added about a teaspoon of instant espresso into a third of the mixture but only half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to the other.  The plain chocolate truffles were rolled in chopped peanuts while the other two were simply rolled in cocoa powder.

By the time I was finished rolling these up in little balls and they were done setting, I didn’t have much of a chocolate craving anymore!  However, these were perfect to keep in an airtight container for the long week ahead.  I was tempted to label them, “Emergency Chocolate.”  When I did sample the finished product, the chocolate was firm and creamy.  There can’t be an easier candy to make than truffles.