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March 23, 2011

just a little case of the monkeys (this would have been funnier if I posted it on a Monday)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      About two weeks ago was the little monkey’s first birthday.  Here she is playing with the stuffed monkey I made her at Build-A-Bear (I got a little carried away with the theme, but what do you get a one year old???).    Don’t remember who the little monkey is? Go here.  Up to speed now? Good, because what I thought was solid research turned into a few obstacles before success.  I like to think that I’m a responsible person and on top of things for the most part.  Wouldn’t you know that my off day would happen on her birthday.  The day before her party I prepared the cupcakes sans the frosting.  I stuck to the recipes that I found originally to create both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the party.  Baking, as usual, went off without a hitch. 






 Vanilla was sweet.

Chocolate was rich.

The problems didn’t occur until Wanda and I attempted the frosting.  The chocolate ganache recipe was easy enough to put together however, we had to start late due to an unmentionable hiccup and not realizing how long it would take for this stuff to harden up!  The ganache hardened up on time leaving us only mildly stressed until we started the strawberry buttercream frosting.  This unfortunately looked like regurgitated strawberry smoothie for quite a while and there were several serious debates about running to the grocery store to get strawberry frosting.  Finally, a half hour before the party was to start, the frosting started to smooth out and we were able save it.  Unfortunately it was still not pipe-able and I wasn’t able to make pretty flowers on top as planned. 😦

Instead I made pinkish monkeys to go with the brown chocolate monkeys.

Look, you can’t even tell that it toppled over in the car and broke on the way over! 

Lesson: Make the frosting the night before.