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May 26, 2011

just a little chicken

Chicken has never been my favourite: fried chicken, rotisserie¬†chicken, chicken strips (okay maybe chicken nuggets ūüė¶¬†), baked chicken, etc.¬† The problem I have with chicken is that funny enough, it tastes like chicken so I find it relatively boring.¬† A few musts if I’m going to consume chicken:

~ grilled to the point there are a few crispy bits and blackened parts


~ paired with a carbohydrate

At a restaurant, chicken is the last thing I order.¬† It’s sometimes ordered in an effort to be healthy but if fish is on the menu, I’d much rather have that in any shape or form.¬† We’ll leave red meat up for a different discussion.¬† At home, eating chicken is easier because if it tastes bad, that’s my fault but I do have a tried and true way of cooking chicken breast that makes me happy (as long as it is paired with a carb of course).


~ olive oil, enough to efficiently cover two chicken breasts

~ chopped garlic, about 3-4 cloves

~ freshly squeezed lemon juice, use one whole lemon

~ sea salt and freshly cracked pepper

~ rosemary

~ thyme

~ cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper both sides of the chicken breasts and poke a few holes with a fork.  In either a ziplock bag or baking dish combine all ingredients including the remaining rinds from the lemon and finally the chicken.  Let marinate overnight or while at work.  Flip chicken at least once or twice if possible.

Fire up that George Foreman grill and cook until you can eat the chicken without getting food poisoning.

If you are super hungry like I was hungry try this little appetizer.¬† Using lavache¬†bread from Trader Joe’s, dust with sea salt, cracked pepper, feta cheese, olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes.¬† Bake in the oven until edges are good and crispy.¬† It’s just the kind of thing that makes you happy and saves you from a hunger riot.