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September 3, 2009

just a little crêpe lit

My side-order job has given me the opportunity to talk, meet, and connect with some interesting people.  Foodie people.  My kind of people!  A recent post on my San Diego Dessert Restaurant Examiner page led some very crêpe and friendly people my way.

It all began with what was going to be a trip for yogurt.  However, midway through the drive, we decided let’s try something different and make visit Yogurt World’s sister shop Crêpe World.  With an outdoor mural painted on one of the walls and park benches set up around the perimeter along the large windows.  There was a surreal feeling of being outside, but safe from any stray summer showers.  A Japanese version of a French crêpe stand?  Yes, I think it was. 

Best of all was the little Japanese boy who eagerly raced around the kitchenette waiting to serve the customers their ordered treat.  Barely able to reach over the counter, he delicately handed over the bright pink wrapped crèpes.  He didn’t mind, however, to run to where anyone was sitting to hand deliver them instead despite the inevitable scolding–Slow down!

Eating my way through desserts in San Diego, I wrote up a little diddy for the Examiner and that was that.  Well, almost.  The editors of Let Them Eat Crêpes stumbled upon my post and sent me a friendly hello!  Their light and delicious website welcomes stories, recipes, memories, and the sharing of one’s favorite crêpe (or as they kindly define for you as: a small, very thin pancake; French pancake).  However they agree that the charm of crêpes is universal and I myself have had a crêpe in every country I have visited.

So tell me, are you a sweet or savory crêpe?