just a little heat

I am very happy to say that it has finally warmed up in San Diego.  I would have liked that it would have warmed up a week earlier but better late than never.  There were a good two hours of hot sun for the Fourth of July followed by humid overcast weather–didn’t ruin the fireworks though!

I’m looking forward to beach time this weekend and maybe I’ll even sneak some in Friday afternoon.  The heat does make it difficult to want to do anything else though, including eating.  I have been trying to think of something that sounds good to eat, cook, buy and the only things I’ve come up with involve hurricane glasses and little umbrellas.  So I haven’t gone grocery shopping and the only things in my fridge are condiments and the only thing in my cupboard is chocolate.  Surprise.  Surprise.

I did come across a great gelato place in the Gaslamp where they have Spicy Dark Chocolate gelato on the menu.  It’s terrific.  I paired it with their Wild Berry gelato and it was absolutely amazing and surprisingly full of heat.  I had originally tasted with one of those itty bitty taster spades and I was like, huh that isn’t at all spicy.  Well, you would think that I would have known that the more you eat, the more heat. 

I was tempted to bake last night but the idea of turning the oven on and going across the street to go get butter seemed a little less worth it than normal.

Not all productivity has been lost.  My free mornings have been allowing me to post a bit more regularly and I also posted on my other blog if you wish to read up: Read Me.


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