just a little need to bake

I can’t imagine that I have written anything in this blog without having mentioned this but I’m going to go ahead and write about it any way after a day like today.  I understand that life is not always fair if ever.  I do believe things happen for a reason.  I understand that certain things that happen in life are out of my control.  And I do believe I am responsible for what happens to me in my life, however that may sound contradictory.  I understand the difference between good and evil and I understand that I am not a saint.  I do believe that if there is a Heaven, then I’m as good as anybody who is there already.  What I don’t understand is how someone can want to do someone else so unjustly and put meanness into the world.  Isn’t there enough? 

Whenever I feel this way, I typically go to my therapy of baking, but I made cookies a couple of weeks ago and for the sake of my waist line and no one to give them to, I’m going to refrain.  More than that, I’ve been neglecting my other therapy–writing, so why not write about how I find baking therapeutic.  This isn’t going to be a treatise, more like a vent with a very brief explanation.

I love chocolate.  My favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies.  And since I love chocolate and my favorite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies, there must be others like me who love chocolate and love to eat chocolate chip cookies.  Alors, if I bake chocolate chip cookies and give them away, then I’m in one way or another putting some of the happiness back in the world where others have put meanness. 

Can’t everyone just put a little piece of happiness back in the world from time to time? 


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