just little women

I’m just a little piece at 5 feet tall which is just fine by me however it does make me a little more inclined to be curvy (well, curvy compared to tall, thin and rail-like) because of my stature.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t endowed on top as well as I am on the bottom but that’s karma for you.  Apparently running around with triple D bras on your head in department stores when you are little leaves you a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

Last night, I caught E!’s Top 25 Most Voluptuous Vixens and although I was conflicted when it came to the ranking and that a few of the lovely ladies I felt fell under Wonderfully Waspy rather than curvy (you can’t just slap on some boobies and call a girl curvy…please).  The Latina Ladies with their truly fantastic shapes did dominate the list as well as a few European Goddesses and Domestic Princesses sprinkled throughout.  More importantly ;p I was excited by how many petite women showed up on the list.  Sure studies have shown that height has a correlation with one’s success in life, but these little ladies light up the sex appeal and brush their shoulders off in the face of those so-called studies.

Starting with Carmen Electra, empowering women to unleash their inner-stripper, is a mere 5 ft 3 in give or take.  She gives me hope that teeny ladies can look lengthy with the right camera angle.


The undoubtedly gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez proves that an average height of 5 ft 5 in can be just as statuesque as 5 ft 11!  A woman who can rock body paint is definitely worth giving notice to.  More than just curves, her smile is just precious.  Mummy Returns

Next in line at 5 ft 4 in, is a woman who I envy in how well she swings her sexual prowess.  Rockin’ the name of a true Southern Bell Diva despite her New York birth-rite, Scarlett Johansson totes #11.  Personally, my dear Scarlett should have been well into the top 10, but E! didn’t ask me for my opinion.  Breasts that just look absolutely soft and amazing, pouty lips, and that raspy voice, Scarlett owns her womanhood and makes no excuses.She just doesn't give a damn.

I was new to Vida Guerra, who came in at #8.  She’s well-endowed in all directions and stands 5 ft 3 in. 

Vida Pinned Up

#4 is by far a lower position than 5 ft 2 in Salma Hayek should be standing.  Her effortless class and full-blown sex appeal is certainly inspiring.  I just feel like me and Salma would kick it together, although I think I would be happy to be in the company of any of these ladies.  Funny, sweet, but not without attitude, Salma is just my kind of chica.

All Encompassing Salma

It’s good to know I’m in good company when it comes to being short.  I occasionally joke that I’m travel size for your convenience, but even more than that because I’m short–things are always up! justalittlepiece


2 Comments to “just little women”

  1. I’ve never thought that there was only one body type that equaled perfection. Everyone has their own idea of perfection, and variety truly is the spice of life. Although there are countless men and women out there who can be described as mainstream sexy…those perfect figures that come only as the result of good genes or a good surgeon…every person is sexy to somebody. I become terribly frustrated when people get down on themselves for not fitting their own ideal of what is “sexy.” You truly are your own worst critic. And somewhere out there, there is a person who thinks you are sexy. No matter if you really are just a little piece or a tree, curvy or straight.

    Me? I like the little pieces.

  2. Stunning beauty in great lingerie. All are good, including the black-white image.

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