just a little SF

Lots to catch up on but I wanted to take the time to share the fun we had last month in San Francisco for the significant lover’s birthday.

birthday boy

It had been several years since I had visited San Francisco and his first time, so it was a perfect place for a fun retreat to celebrate his big birthday and just to get away.  Food fun was certainly to be had.  The Ferry Building of course was my stomach’s favorite:

Hog Island Oyster

We had a great time eating our way through the city and enjoying the sites as tourists do.  Riding trolley cars, shivering in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, and warming up to a cup of tea at the Japanese gardens in Golden Gate Park.


We found ourselves getting lost on a blustery evening in China Town and landed at Hunan Home’s restaurant.

china town

Our morning we waited patiently in line at Dottie’s, where locals informed us of the restaurant’s daily baked pastries from scratch, how the specials don’t really change, and that the chef was kind of a soup nazi.


Hope to have more recipes for you soon.  I’m plenty grateful for your follows and continued support!


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