just a little convoy adventure

Many exciting things have me running from one corner of San Diego to the next but I have to say that despite all the excitement I miss my kitchen. Yes, I have been eating!  In fact, I have probably been eating a bit too much.  With Fashion With A Passion having yet another year under it’s belt, baby showers, and influx of networking invites, this girl misses her mixing bowls and spice rack.  Just in case that sounds like something to pity, here are a few shots to let you know that it hasn’t been too rough. ;p

baby shower happy hour

That last photo is taken on the sands in front of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.  If you are in town and either have the dough or the hook-up, I highly recommend it. Blogging monthly and unfortunately not here is keeping the brain sharp and imaginative while the real estate business continues to ripen my business strategy skills.  I am working on some changes here, small changes  right where I am. What changes may you ask? Well, I’d like to give more to you as reader both by way of articles and collaborations which is why you’ll notice a Terms page as well as a little services page to put out my intentions into the universe.  I am also regularly posting updates on the Just A Little Piece FB page which include San Diego happenings and various authored articles.

As I mentioned, I have been a busy girl eating rather than cooking.  One recent adventure came as an impromptu date night.  After a visit to welcome a new family member to the world, the significant lover and I said to hell-with-it and tried a new spot for dinner:

korean bbq

We headed to  Jeong Won Korean BBQ Buffet in the neighborhood of Kearny Mesa on the infamous Convoy Street here in San Diego.  It may surprise you that this was my first Korean BBQ experience but up until that night I found it rather challenging to go to a restaurant to pay for a meal that I was going to cook for myself.  After all, that’s what my kitchen is for and it misses me very very much.  I’ll explain for those who may not know how Korean BBQ works: there’s a selection of meats, seafood, vegetables that you can choose from to cook at your own private table which is outfitted with a barbecue.  It’s all good fun.  I was very amused because as the head chef in the house, I rarely get to see Mr. Significant Lover try his hand at cooking and the control freak in me regularly checked to see if his food needed turning.


With all the hot sizzling, I didn’t burn myself and the quality of meats really had me excited.  Note to future diners: don’t wear anything you have to dry clean because you’re going to walk away smelling like dinner.


In addition to all your wonderful meat and vegetable selections, your buffet ticket gets you rice and some kind of delicious tortilla vegetable something or other (our waiter didn’t even know what they are really called).  I know they look odd and pretty uneventful but I LOVED THEM (it’s the little things, you know?)

who knows

The wait staff were young, sweet, and so damn happy.  Maybe because they knew we were newbies but they really made our experience fun.


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