just a little wellington

I know I’m an untimely blogger. I pray for my posts to be weekly and celebrate if I manage to write bi-monthly. I also don’t post about holidays before they happen, only after. I don’t mind so I hope you don’t either so that I can share what I whipped (okay, so hardly any whipping was involved if any) up for my significant lover’s and my Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine’s Day, being a Thursday (my supposed day off), was full of fruitless errand running, middle-class meltdowns, and hormonal craziness that I won’t bore you with but I do need to preface with because when I FINALLY reached the grocery store to pick up a fillet mignon to use as the centerpiece of our beef wellington VDAY dinner I thought a blood vessel might burst when the butcher counter had a whopping ZERO left. Okay, so I mildly procrastinated on grocery shopping for a very important dinner but I didn’t know what we’d feel like to eat that night.  What would have been worse would be to have planned a fantastic Greek dinner and not have felt like seafood. That would have been an equally large tragedy.  Okay, so I clearly looked panicked.  So much that the lady working the butcher counter didn’t actually want to ask me what was wrong but run for the hills.  I caught her though, oh, did I catch her.  After I announced the reason for my crazy eyes, she escaped to the cold wonderland of the meat locker to hunt high and low for my prize.  And a prize I did win.  Dinner was not lost.

ImageTa-da!  Isn’t the heart adorable?  Just wait until you see the amazing pink wrapped inside.  Food Network recipes don’t work their way into my cooking quite as often as they used to for some reason, but Tyler Florence tempted me with the word ultimate in his rendition of the beef wellington.  Here’s the recipe.  No, I didn’t use fresh thyme and no, I didn’t serve it with Green Peppercorn Sauce or Fingerling potatoes but it was damn awesome and having never made beef wellington before I might as well say it was ULTIMATE.  Also, for one beef wellington (plenty for two people) it took closer to 20-30 minutes in the oven for a medium-rare cook (thermometers shmometers).


This was also the first time I had ever bought mushrooms and cooked with them.  Just a little fun fact for you.  Okay, enough delay. Drum roll!!!


Very rich, a great dish to share. Recommended.


2 Comments to “just a little wellington”

  1. I make these often with caribou tenderloin. Soooo tasty! Great presentation here.

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