just a little pesto omelette

Listen up cuzzie because this is vegetarian!  I whipped up some pesto a ways back thanks to Natasha’s Kitchen’s Basil Pesto recipe that in of itself was delicious!  The only adjustments I made was that I used  3 roasted garlic cloves instead of 2 fresh garlic cloves.  I can’t get enough of how quick the food processor whips these kinds of things together.  For our little house of two, I thought that the big batch I made would last a while but before I could even freeze it, it was gone!

Originally I had made the pesto to be an addition to my cream sauce served with gnocchi for dinner.  That too was very delicious. So delicious I didn’t even take a photo of my empty plate.  Using only a couple tablespoons from the batch, I was a bit concerned that it was going to go to waste but instead of freezing it right away I put in the fridge to think on for a little bit.  The next morning, my addiction to pesto egg white omelettes began.

super green

1 pesto omelette:

~2 egg whites

~1 tbsp of pesto (See Natasha for recipe)

~ half a handful of fresh baby spinach

~ half a handful of fresh baby kale

~ 1 chopped green onion or the equivalent amount of a leek (cooked leeks really pair nicely with brie, see next ingredient)

~ goat cheese (or brie works well too)

~dab of butter

I am a big fan of using butter in the skillet when you make an omelette.  It is my belief that the omelette just cooks better but if you’re an olive oil person, go for it.

Heat your dab of butter in your favorite omelette pan over medium heat.  Once it’s hot, pour in your egg whites carefully in a circle as best as possible and add onions.  When the egg whites have begun to set add spinach, kale, and cheese. Top those ingredients with dollops of pesto and fold over when egg whites are sturdy.  Let cook until ingredients begin to melt, meld, and settle.  Serve up with garlicky toast.

vampires beware

I like to smear fresh bread with a little butter and a roasted garlic clove before popping into the oven.  The toast makes a great vehicle for the omelette.  The pesto didn’t last long as I served myself pesto omelette after pesto omelette for breakfast that week.  I hope you enjoy it; let me hear from those who try it!


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