just a little raw list

I’ve been thinking lately during the car rides to the office or Saint Genevieve’s afternoon strolls about truly what foods make me happy and prefer over others.  With a troublesome stomach and a passion for food, I have to remind myself of things that I can truly enjoy and not confuse them with momentary gladness followed by recumbent positions and dragon-like guttural noises.  Too gross?  After thinking about it, there were two loose cuisine types that seemed to prevail: Asian (with the exception of Chinese food) varieties, and Mediterranean.

  • I prefer rice over potatoes in nearly all cases due to my pseudo-asian genes.
  • Sushi, sashimi, basically raw fish make me very happy.
  • I’ll pick fish over chicken, pork, and even beef quite often.
  • Lamb is a real meat-choice contender probably due to my romantic ideas about lamb-eating countries.
  • Spinach, Popeye ate it and that’s good enough reason for me.
  • Greek yogurt substituted for sour cream (except on breakfast potatoes) and mayonnaise.
  • Dark chocolate in all forms.
  • Espresso over coffee.
  • Stinky cheese (in moderation).
  • Tangerines and all berries.
  • Grilled vegetables.

Healthy enough, right?  Now to remind myself of these things when I’m staring at a menu of burgers.  Le sigh.  In any case, my dear cuzzie and her significant lover were generous and shared their fresh sashimi grade tuna with me.  What did I do with it?  Served it as soon as possible as breakfast!

By the way, I’m in the habit of serving anything with a side of eggs and calling it breakfast.  Truth be told, it is a seared tuna tostada: corn tortilla with chili yogurt sauce, sliced cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and green onion.  Prepare tuna simply with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, searing by way of the George Foreman.  I also served ripe avocado on the side and eggs over easy.  Delicious and incredibly filling.


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