just a little chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot PIE

This post is dedicated to two awesome boys gentlemen in my circle of friends: Joseph and Tucker, who are too far away from me to share or rather cook this meal for.  Truth be told, it actually took me three days to make this but don’t be frightened that’s mainly because I was being ridiculous.  I got the idea to make chicken pot pie after food gawking and coming across this lovely gem.  Of course I don’t have a garden of fresh lovely peas (neither do you, I presume) or a whole roasted chicken.  What I did have:

~two uncooked frozen chicken breasts

~frozen bag of peas

~other vegetables: carrots, broccoli, and a good old Idaho potato (okay, so I had to have the man go to the store for that)

~Trader Joe’s puff pastry sheets (2) (Mind you this is a legit-size pie, not ramekin)

So gentlemen (and all others reading), if you do not want to roast your own chicken or chicken breasts, go ahead and do the bachelor thing to do and get one from the grocery store.  If you DO, then roast your chicken the evening before or the morning before you actually want to make chicken pot pie.  You’ll need a rub of sorts, lemon juice and I threw in fresh chopped garlic too.  De-bone or cut up your chicken evenly for your pie.

When you’re ready to make your pie, take out the pastry sheets to thaw.  They need at least ten minutes and you’ll need approximately one and a half sheets to cover the top of a decent size pie pan.  I did not do a bottom crust and you won’t do one either.  Also, pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Farenheit.

In a large pot, boil all your veggies in chicken stock until tender (just like the original recipe instructs).  Remove veggies from the stock and layer in with the chicken in a pie pan.  Time to make your roux.  Yes, ROUX…or you can just call it gravy.

Fancy pants roux essentials:

~lots of butter ( 4 tbsp? I mean get healthier if you want but it’s CHICKEN POT PIE)

~flour (same as above minus the health comment)

~milk (I’d say about two cups)

~salt, pepper, and any other spices you’d like to throw in.  I used a little dried sage.

~egg wash (scramble a raw egg in a bowl to use later)

Put all of this in a smaller pot and set to a pseudo-boil.  You want it to start bubbling because it will thicken everything up but you don’t want it to burn and ruin your pan (I speak from experience) so get to stirring and adjust temperatures accordingly.  If you can use a whisk to help make sure the flour gets broken up and your gravy isn’t lumpy.  That’s just gross.   

Once your gravy is ready rock, pour over your pie pan goodies evenly and gently mix if necessary to get it underneath everything.  The veggies really like the gravy so don’t let them miss out on the fun.  Cover with the pastry sheets (I would have made my own puff pastry but whatever).  Coat the pastry with the egg wash (a basting brush is helpful at this time).  Put it in the oven for baby and me!  

Let cook till it is all brown, crusty, bubbling goodness. 

Serve up!

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2 Comments to “just a little chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot PIE”

  1. You know that your Mother and I love Chicken Pot Pie (Hint Hint) Love you Babe!! Dad

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