just a little new year’s resolutions list

Looking back, the holidays are always a tricky time for me to stay on track with my blogging; this year was exceptionally so.  Unfortunately, this means all of you that do stop by have missed out on quite a bit of edible goodness, travel talk, and San Diego Dining recommendations.  However, 2012 is here and I’m so excited to have my creativity unleashed and share it will all readers and looky-loos (I mean that as an earnest term of endearment).

Christmas did not disappoint and I am forever grateful to have people in my life that support my oddities and hobbies, especially cooking.  I received two cookbooks: Bite Me, created by two sisters equally sassy and sarcastic about cooking and life as I am, and Sam the Cooking Guy’s Just Grill This! that my parents had him sign for me at the San Diego Food and Wine Festival. I also received a bottle of Chiarello Petit Sirah signed by the wine maker.  A fantastic Cuisinart Food Processor/with Blender attachment has also been added to my kitchen, turning pastry puff dough making in to a 2 and not an 8!

2011 ended well and 2012 looks to have endless possibilities as every new year should.  I am excited to share with you my short list of resolutions and I’d certainly love to hear about yours as well.  Perhaps you thought of something I didn’t!  In any case, have a fantastic start to 2012 and let’s keep it rolling.

  • Cook/eat more vegetarian meals
  • Learn conversational Spanish
  • Blog every week at least here at just a little piece    
  • Regularly bake my own bread and not store-bought


3 Comments to “just a little new year’s resolutions list”

  1. Good luck with yours, see my most recent post for my thoughts on resolutions… basically, they’ll never stick, so I don;t bother :D. I like yours though. I should do all of them myself. I’ve been eating too much meat, I have increasingly strong ties in Spain, I haven’t been blogging enough and I don’t bake bread as often as I should. 😀

  2. When ya wanna come over and teach me how to make some bread? I’m alll over that!!

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