just a little basic pizza

Deep dish lovers step aside, step up thin crust devourers.  Basic is the East Village no-brainer when you just want food, drink, and a good time.  At least it is when you work across the street from it.  The menu isn’t overly complicated unless you make it that way.  There is one salad.  There’s one red pie, one white pie, and the option for cheese.  Nothing too exciting right?  This short list is then followed by twenty-four topping selections, which you and your party are forced to narrow down to create the perfect pizza.  Sounds a lot more intense now, doesn’t it?  The truth is, picking out pizza toppings typically incites a mild argument or two and long pauses of indecision.  Even if the decision is for one white and one red, the choices don’t get any easier.

Our red pie was topped with meatballs and green peppers.  Our white was adorned with mashed potatoes, roasted red peppers, and bacon.  This calls for a drink! 

The real cause for celebration was to support one of our favorite local fashion designer/students in his debut fashion exhibition of his line Dixon & Rand.  Check out more pictures of the event here.

Two drinks in and two pizzas and a salad wasn’t going to cut it.  A third pizza order came through by way of a pizza GENIUS! 

This third pizza was so delicious that I didn’t even get a picture of it whole.  Red pie with ricotta cheese, fresh basil , and meatballs.  Seriously, I don’t know how I will ever be able to order any other topping combination again.  Decision making process complete.  The ricotta was key.  Something about the velvety warm texture of the cheese coating the roof of your mouth next to the burst of basil made you reach for another slice.  Ooowa! I want some right NOW.  The pizza itself is deceiving as it is with how thin it is.  It easily convinces you that half a pizza equates to a slice of regular pizza.  (Okay, I exaggerate).

Normally once I have my pizza fix I’m good for a month or more.  This time, I couldn’t wait to try my version at home.


~lavache bread

~marinara sauce

~fresh garlic chopped

~fresh tomato sliced

~fresh basil

~ricotta cheese

~little white onion chopped

~little mozzarella

In the oven until crispy!

Hope you enjoyed the double post today!


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