just a little cabbage on the old pulled pork

Barbecue sauce: glorified ketchup or amazing?  Before you answer, let me offer up new evidence:

Surprise!  Surprise!  I’m not a fan of barbecue sauce; barbeques–yes, sauce–no.  However, there are few things already on a list of dislikes (i.e. eggs) that I’ve marked off my Eew List so I decided to research my disdain for this praised sauce and see just what my problem is with it.  First, there’s always too much to begin with.  You can’t have too much chocolate but you can have too much barbecue sauce.  Second, too sweet and too thick.  I like the tang and the hint of spice but there hasn’t been too many bbq sauces that have enough depth.  Now I feel like I’m building this up to much, let me back track.  My recently invented barbecue sauce isn’t life altering or even the best but it is tailored to my liking and I hope this motivates some meek little picky eater out there reading that NOT ALL things are created equal and to keep tasting until they find the flavour that suits them.

I purchased the smoked pulled pork from Costco (Note: Do not read the Nutritional Facts) and followed the instructions to prepare.  I separated enough for three sandwiches worth (think a fist a piece) and stored away the rest for another day.  With that in mind, the following recipe is for 3-4 fists of pulled pork.

j~a~l~p barbecue sauce:

~ 1/2 cup ketchup

~ 2 tsp sriracha

~ 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar

~ 1/4 cup brown sugar

~ one 90 calorie coke

~ 2 tsp cumin

~ 2 tsp chili powder

~ 2 tsp ground ginger

~ 6 shakes of Worcestershire sauce

~ 2 chopped garlic cloves

~ good dash of ground cinnamon

~ 1 tbsp soy sauce

~ 1/2-1 tsp red pepper flake (more if you’re adventurous)

~ 1 tbsp lemon juice

~ fresh cracked pepper and sea salt to taste

A lot of ingredients?  Yes and I’m not 100% sure that they are all necessary but the sauce is delicious.  Put all ingredients in 2 quart saucepan and boil it up and then reduce to a simmer.  The sauce will reduce but it will not overly thicken.  Let it simmer for a good 20-30 minutes so that all the flavors merge and it starts to become recognizable as barbecue sauce.  I find that this sauce has a bit more heat than the ordinary sauces with mild sweetness and tang.  Pour over pork and mix till pork has absorbed the majority of the sauce.

What’s that? Oh you want to know wha that awesome green stuff is on top?

some kind of slaw:

~ chopped green cabbage

~ thinly sliced baby carrots

~ chopped yellow bell peppers

~ plain greek yogurt

~ dill

~ lemon juice (good squeeze worth)

~ cayenne pepper

~ garlic salt

~ freshly cracked pepper

Mix it up and top that sandwich.


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