just a little fourth of july burger

I’m writing this post as I’m attempting to ignore my first experience in migraines which I have decided feels as though a navel orange has exploded within my skull and the juice is now radiating through my sinuses.  Nausea yes, but don’t you worry, this is going to be a good post.  It also is going to be a bit controversial because I’m bringing this recipe up in light of the upcoming Independence Day and plenty of Americans out there have some interesting notions of what is American and what can and can’t be eaten in its honor.

First bit of controversy: the burger I’m sharing with you is not beef, it is turkey.  Yes, healthier but that doesn’t mean it has to be less juicy and delicious or even un-American.  I mean, Americans eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  I bought the patties from Trader Joe’s and seasoned them with sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and whatever that BAM! mixture is that Emeril cooked up on both sides of the patty.  Instead of seasoning the meat through and through, seasoning both sides creates a little bit of a crust and thus a POW! BAM! of flavor.

Second bit of controversy: a whole wheat bun.  Handle it.  I don’t know who finds this a problem, but somebody will and let me tell you, it’s just better.

For toppings I certainly found it necessary to keep the lettuce and tomato.  I selected red leaf lettuce and ripe amorosa tomatoes.  To step it up I sliced red bell pepper to sauté with rings of white onion.

Okay, okay!  I can hear some of you already getting upset with the cheese that is poking out from beneath those luscious toppings.  No it isn’t white American cheese (cheese food, I might add).  My personal tastes are against yellow cheese to begin with but even more importantly against the terribly pretend cheese that comes in pressed squared wrapped in plastic.  (I’m making a face right now and it is not induced by the migraine.  Yuck!)  This cheese is the miracle that is Pepper Jack Cheese, a descendent of the famous Monterey Jack Cheese that was born and raised in Monterey, California. 

In any case, enjoy the holiday weekend whether you are American or not.  These days, we all deserve to celebrate something.  Oh and incase you missed my awesome burger the first two times:


4 Comments to “just a little fourth of july burger”

  1. God Bless America!! Love you babe, Dad

  2. Oh you poor thing! You are a champion — I could never even glance upon a computer with a migraine — any kind of light sends me batty. Totally agree with you with the yellow cheese aversion (and Americans always use so much!).

  3. I hate feeling ill. It is so boring!

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