just a little soup and sandwich

The weather lately isn’t exactly soup weather, but a couple of weeks back there was a June gloom day that allowed me slip it into the week’s menu.  I had been inspired by a prosciutto sandwich I had seen on another blog.  It had been served on thick crusty french bread but I only had dinner rolls so I opted to make it panini style.  With that, I concluded that it would make for a lovely accompaniment to tomato soup!

Prosciutto panini grocery list:

~bread, the good kind

~prosciutto, you don’t need a lot and you can substitute with sun-dried tomatoes for a vegetarian option

~mozzarella or brie

~fresh basil

~pop it on a grill and done


 Now for the soup.  This is not vegetarian but could easily be adapted to be so if you exchange chicken broth for vegetable and omit the delicious pancetta.  I’ve been making this soup for several years now and is super easy.  I make it extra spicy because that’s how I like it but here is the recipe.  Also, if you don’t have rye lying around, don’t feel like you have to go to the grocery store for a measly three slices of bread.  You can easily use whatever you have at home.  Rye of course does add an interesting and great flavor to the soup but it isn’t a deal breaker if you substitute it.

The sandwich was the perfect dipper in this soup.  I’d even eat this in warm weather!



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