just a little crockpot curry

Yellows and reds.  There is going to be a lot of those colors in this post.  If you haven’t been able to tell by my posts, I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s more frequently.  One of my favorite finds are their tamales that come in three variations:  beef, chicken (shown), and vegetable.  Not the healthiest, but not the worst either.  I got the idea to serve them up as breakfast from one of my favorite Downtown San Diego breakfast spots called Café 222

They serve tamales and eggs with Mexican gravy, potatoes, and toast.  I kept it simple.  I warmed up a tamale then topped with two eggs over medium and roasted garlic salsa from Santa Barbara Salsa.  As the yolks break beneath your fork, the yellowy orange saturates the masa.  Keeping the tamale on the corn husk makes sure that none of it runs away!

This is certainly a treat but quick and easy enough for a weekday breakfast.  As much as I would like to learn to make homemade tamales, I just don’t think that’s going to fit into my morning routine and I’m lacking extra hands for help. 








For what must be over a year I have had a 1-2 serving crock pot sitting in my cupboard.  I keep it in the highest cupboard of my kitchen which means climbing must be involved in its retrieval.  Recently I gave it a whirl.  Having never used a crock pot before, I quickly realized that the lack of settings on my own crock pot was not usual.  Experiment begin!  For my first crock pot experience I chose to make yellow chicken curry, which is also a first for me.  I enjoy a good yellow curry but making it was a new endeavor and the added pressure of this being the first yellow curry my boyfriend has ever tasted also lingered in the caves of my thoughts.  Enjoying the risk, I started it at 7 am before work so that it would be ready when I got home. 

~ Trader Joe’s Yellow Curry sauce (in a short stubby bottle)

~ one chicken breast, seared and sliced

~ chicken broth or coconut milk (I used chicken broth but next time I’ll try coconut milk for a thicker sauce)

~ half of a large onion, sliced in wedges

~ half a red bell pepper, chopped to pieces the size of checkers

~ itty bitty yellow potatoes, quartered (for some, potatoes are the best part of yellow curry)

~ sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, sprinkle of cinnamon, and then something else (can’t remember!)

~ make sure all meat is beneath sauce

~ 5-7 hours in the crock pot will be plenty

The aroma that builds in the kitchen as it cooks is spectacular.


6 Comments to “just a little crockpot curry”

  1. Nice pics, now I am hungry

  2. Wow….I love runny eggs 🙂 You are such a beast

  3. going to make this right now!!!

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