just a little italian dinner with the cuzzies

All my life I have been a part of two households: my parents’ and the other with my Italian aunt and cousins.  When my best cuzzie found out that I had a pasta maker, she jumped on the chance for an eggplant parmesan and pasta night.  Imagine homemade sauce cooking in the pot for the better part of a day, garlic bread, and ripe eggplant being crusted in panko.

I was nervous at first about the pressure of making my first fresh pasta in a room full of Italians, but let me tell you nothing could be easier (as long as you remember to flour the noodle).


~ equal parts of selmolina flour and all-purpose flour

~ eggs ( 2 for every 1 1/2 cups of flour mixture)

~ olive oil for moisture and flavor

If you don’t like using your hands, getting dirty, or just having fun, then making homemade pasta is probably not for you. 

Some recipes say that you break up the yolk within the well using a fork.  After I put in the last two eggs, it was clear that I had either used too large of eggs or failed to make the well big enough.  The well became a volcano of egg over the counter and my hands were the only mixing utensils necessary. 



I followed the manufacturer’s instructions that I found online for my pasta maker and presto!

For this very lovely dinner, this plate of fettucine noodles was my only contribution to the meal.  My cuzzie was the wonderful chef that prepared the main course.


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