just a little weekend in los angeles part 2

I’m astonished that I am only getting to part 2 of my weekend trip to Los Angeles now.  The second day spent in Los Angeles started out in Chinatown where my S.O. (significant other) was hoping to find baby tortoises not turtles.  Why?  No idea really except that he was pretty sure that I would think they were cute.  We didn’t find any baby tortoises but I did buy some sparklers and pop-pops (this is what I’m naming them).

We also cut over to Hollywood where I had to duck into Zara since San Diego unfortunately does not have one.  It was tough not buying everything but I was happy to splurge a little on my so-called mini-vacation.

What did I eat?

No, not dollar chinese food although I was tempted to when it was called “Lucky” and had a sign advertising its longevity in the neighborhood.

The problem was that I had actually filled up quite a bit with my complimentary buffet breakfast at the hotel so it took some time and getting lost in the shops before my stomach made a little extra room for some nibbling.

The perfect afternoon snack appeared when a woman standing with long spears of sugar cane over her head came into view.  She was pressing them into a juicer of sorts to make what I can only assume a very dehydrating yet delicious drink made entirely out of sugar cane. 

The woman was also surrounded by several different fried goodies, fruit, and bao.  Bao is very hard for me to turn away from.  We got in line.

Two egg rolls, one chicken skewer, one bao, and a park bench.  It was delicious and just as I suspected so delicious my stomach required a Coca-Cola to do some settling.  Perhaps that was what the sugar cane juice was for?


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