just a little cupcake research

I can’t believe a year has rolled around since my best girl friend had her little monkey was also the last time I had to do any legit party planning i.e. baby shower.  Despite my lack of confidence in party planning, I feel like I put together a pretty classy babyshower.

Now the party planning is back in action.  This time around it looks like I only need to help out with cupcake making.  The five W’s have already been answered and I have a GREAT idea for a cupcake tower (Any thoughts or suggestions are always welcome).  This will be the first time Mommy or I have ever made a cupcake tower but look at how good my diaper cake came out on the first shot!

The colors are (funny enough) the same colors we used for her baby shower: pink, green, and brown.   The overall theme however is…MONKEYS!  The tough part about dessert when it comes to my lovely friend is that she doesn’t like chocolate and she doesn’t like cake (Can you believe we are even friend???).  Cupcakes were all her idea though, so I wanted to at least try my hand at finding a recipe she might like and still offer up chocolate cupcakes to the non-chocolate-hating populace.  So far here are my ideas:

~ White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

~Devil’s Food Cupcakes

Now for my vision!  (I’m such a dork.)  I cam across a great photo of what looks like an easy way to decorate the chocolate cupcakes so that they look like monkeys.  There are strict rules about having to stick with the theme and colors so when I saw these little monkey faces, I knew they would be perfect.  Where do the pink and green fit in?  Well, I thought it would be genius if the cupcake tower was made to be green and very tree-like so it looks like the little cupcakes are monkeys in a tree!  (I really can wait to execute this).  The strawberry cupcakes will have lovely pink frosting and they could be made up to look like flowers in the tree.  Genius, right?

Further research ahead.


5 Responses to “just a little cupcake research”

  1. What a visually beautiful post, C! Your friend and her monkey are very lucky to have you, the cupcake “tree” sounds like a very cool idea! 🙂

  2. so you put together that gerbera centerpiece? it’s beautiful. i might take that idea for a wedding reception to my friend who adores those flowers. don’t worry, not a blatant rip-off but a subtle imitation!!


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