just a little rewind

I’m the kind of girl who once Christmas has passed I’m ready to move on to the next season.  Growing up in San Diego, if it isn’t Christmas, it shouldn’t be cold outside!  The sun is out but why is the air still so crisp?  I fell asleep last night wishing I was laying in warm sand with the hot sun on my back.  The beach is the only place I find napping guilt-free.   But before I do start perusing the mall for bikinis and checking the wearability of my old ones, I have to put Christmas to bed properly.  Despite my dreams of summer, winter has just begun and I’ve been told that there are still fun things that can happen in less that eighty degree weather.

Thanks to my Secret Santa at work, I had a great little sugar cookie kit equipped with the littlest (and cutest) snowman cookie cutter.  Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite (and I’m pretty sure they’re Santa’s favorite too) but something about decorating sugar cookies makes it feel a little more like Christmas.  Up until this point in my life, I was never responsible for actually making the frosting, only applying it.  My mom emailed me her recipe for frosting (without measurements of course because we’re cool like that) and I have to say I put in way too much milk.  The frosting came out a bit thin and it was much easier to dip the baked cookies into it than to spread it on.  Lesson learned for next time!

Christmas came around and though I was a little less bah-humbug this year, it didn’t quite feel like Christmas.  I didn’t get to see my nieces and there wasn’t enough sugar-hyped kids running around.  That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t enough to get excited about though.  A big reason I’m not fond of Christmas has a lot to do with the whole hoopla of Christmas morning and unwrapping presents.  I love to wrap them.  I love to give them.  But receiving presents has never been something I was good at.  This year I had a few surprises come my way that I actually loved!  SURPRISES–That I loved!  (It’s almost an impossible feat.)  On top of that, Christmas 2010 was all about food:

  • To start off, I am now a proud member of Costco!  Festively wrapped in red cellophane was a bottle of Martinelli’s Apple Cider, two wine glasses, and a gift membership to all things huge and discounted (including wine, brie cheese, and Kitchen Aid mixers)! 
  • Living in a ~500 sq. ft. studio without a balcony leaves no place for a barbeque, so cooking meat is limited…until now.  Historically, I feel that most people get their first George Foreman in college.  For me, it didn’t happen til now and even they grew up!  (Please ignore the bed head.)   
  • Next on my list of goodies received was from my aunt, the hunter – deer jerky and pomegranate jelly.  As much as the jerky is delicious, I couldn’t possible hunt an animal myself (call me hypocritical).  However, I have always had a strong interest in how people go about canning and making jams.  Look at that lovely ruby color. 

  • To top it all off, two bottles of champagne to prepare for the New Year.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is ready for what the new year brings!

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2 Comments to “just a little rewind”

  1. No-one could be bah-humbug with pomegranate jelly, C! Hope 2011 is wonderful for you! 🙂

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