just a little gingerbread haus

I remember watching a gingerbread house competition on the Food Network a couple Christmas seasons ago  and loving the little varying details between all those mini homes.  A year after (last year in fact), I was attending my cousin’s baby shower when I had the pleasure of meeting my aunt’s good friend, Sharon.  Sharon is not unlike Martha Stewart; propriety and a slight agitation over perfection included.  Sharon had just gotten done hosting her annual Gingerbread Haus Making Party the month prior.  Realizing that there were people within my circle that actually got crazy about making gingerbread houses was enough to get me excited.  Sharon put my name and number in her cell phone and told me to expect a phone call next October regarding an invitation.  I was skeptical that someone would remember to invite little me a year later but  my sister from another mother assured me that she wasn’t joking.

Sure enough, one evening in October I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognize and a voicemail message from Sharon.  I was invited to her Gingerbread Haus Making Party.  It wasn’t a done deal yet though!  Her party fell on my working-Saturday for the month and there was no way I could get the time off.  Eek!  Sharron, unfrazzled, said that I can’t miss out on the phone and come straight over after work. 

Check out that landscape architecture!  I paid much more attention to my piping skills and my landscaping than anything else.  I wanted a simple home where my little gingerbread couple could snuggle up and admire their surroundings (or maybe I was just running out of creative juices; be as romantic about it as you want). 

In any case, great holiday party idea.  Thank you, Sharon!  Hope I get to attend start to finish next year.


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