just a little dough curled up

Curls must be on my mind this week: Monday I took out some Ready Dough to make cinnamon rolls; Tuesday I made them; Wednesday I curled my hair; Thursday I wanted to stay curled up in bed.  I got the idea of making cinnamon rolls from my lovely cuzzie when she herself had planned on making a batch.  Then I remembered that my own mother had made them several times the very same way so I decided to try my hand at it. 

I followed the directions on the back of the Ready Dough (can be purchased in the freezer section of the grocery store), however one of two things happened. I either left the dough defrosting for too long without doing anything with it or that I put the rolls to rise in the fridge for the majority of the day stunted their growth.  Eek!  They still turned out delicious and came out looking for like curlicues than rolls.  I am starting to wonder if I can make anything that involves a pre-made base i.e. boxed brownies (a story for another time). 

My itty bitty “rolls”and I started out on the right foot.







When I came home, I found out they weren’t ready to grow up.  Rise little rolls!








So instead they decided to stay as cinnamony little curls.  Next time, I’ll take out the dough the night before and make them in the morning and maybe add a little cream cheese frosting too!

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One Comment to “just a little dough curled up”

  1. They look delicious – over here we might call them snails, and I think that’s a very apt name! 🙂

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