just a little gnocchi

I haven’t received my camera yet.  We got wind that Costco may sell it mid-November at an amazing price so please ignore the poor quality photographs (much like I’m ignoring the bum outside making karate-chopping noises i.e. Higghhh-yawwwww! Uhhhgg! Yuuuaaacccckkk!). 

Regardless of poor picture quality, I wanted to share my fun gnocchi experience (No, I am not Martha Stewart enough to be hand-making those itty bitty dumplings) because it was so rich and delicious I might have to make it again very very soon.  I do realize that they can’t possibly be the healthiest on the planet but I did pick out the spinach variety!  Extra iron, right?   

I had quite a bit of ingredients in my fridge and pantry luck enough and with only one Google search away I found the Reluctant Gourmet’s recipe that seemed to use all of them.  Check it out: Gnocchi with Bacon and Peas.  I also added chopped asparagus, a little tomato paste, halved cherry tomatoes and a little extra kick of spices (I like everything spicy).  I left out the nutmeg primarily because I didn’t have any and I didn’t end up using the chicken stock because the bacon was sticking so I skipped the step. 



Are you ready? Dinner is served.


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