just a little salmon awesomeness

So no I did not make these salmon burgers myself.  I decided to go out on a limb and bought Trident Seafood’s (sold at Henry’s) Alaskan Salmon burgers.  Eight minutes on each side at 400 degrees farenheit and they came out perfectly moist and pretty darn delicious.

I’m quite partial to no cheese and just ketchup on a traditional beef burger but I wanted to jazz them up a bit.  For cheese, I thinly sliced some oven-roasted garlic cheese (also bought at Henry’s) and let it melt the last minute of cooking on top.  Sliced tomato and romaine lettuce to top the potato buns.  You may be thinking that’s not so jazzed up!  Well, here it comes!

Since ketchup was just not going to work here, I mixed up some sauce inspired by Aaron McCargo’s Jammin’ Salmon Burgers, using Emeril’s Essence instead of cayenne pepper because I just didn’t have any.  Still came out amazing with a tangy flavor that is far from just tasting like mayonnaise. 

I had a big bag of potatoes that I’m having a hard time getting through so I decided to try my hand at fries or chips and what resulted was a fry chip.  Soft like a fry, looks like a chip.  Get it?  Okay, nevermind.  Mr. McCargo also helped me out with this little endeavor with his Dill Lemon Zest Seasoning which paired nicely with the spread’s flavors.

Ready for their close up?

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2 Comments to “just a little salmon awesomeness”

  1. Looks amazing!

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