just a little Chocolate Butterfly Cakes (via Fig Jam and Lime Cordial)

So, my birthday is coming up here and it’s not so much a dreadful number as much as I have not enjoyed having a birthday since I was the age of…never. The month of September is known as Fall but it is also known for the return to school. As a result, when I was just a wee-little red-head (my size really hasn’t changed much), I would always be sick on my birthday and for my birthday parties. Of course now that I’m an adult and don’t have to go to school with snotty nosed children, I don’t get sick on my birthday…well, EVERY time at least. There is more reason than that behind my distaste for my birthday. I certainly don’t mind celebrating other people’s birthdays, but when it comes to mine I can’t help but grimace, whine, participate in some kind of prolonged panic attack followed by a series of self-inflicted interrogations about who I am, what am I doing, and why can’t I just enjoy a day all about me or at least gracefully suffer through it like normal people. Attention is something I don’t get excited about at least not in this fashion; even on Christmas morning the pressure of opening presents in front of someone is so much I almost have a mini-tantrum. I am truly apologetic for acting that way on both occasions; I really am grateful for my loved ones.

Since I started blogging, I’ve been following Fig Jam and Lime Cordial with devout envy of Celia’s wonderful cooking skills and creativity. Her post today inspired my post because as mentioned above, I’m participating in a prolonged panic attack over my upcoming birthday and when I saw these it just gave me a little hope that maybe this year’s birthday would be a chance to change and come out a butterfly. I’m not sure if I’ll ever enjoy my own birthday the way that most do but if I could love myself a little more and learn to be a little more flexible maybe I learn to stop stressing the small stuff.

Chocolate Butterfly Cakes Aren’t these cute? I’m inviting Ozoz (The Kitchen Butterfly) and Heidi (Steps on the Journey) over for a virtual tea party.  Oz because these are known here as butterfly cakes, and Heidi because our recent discussion inspired me to seek out this old-fashioned recipe, a staple of kids’ birthday parties alongside the fairy bread and chocolate crackles. Butterfly cakes are usually vanilla flavoured, filled with cream and decorated with a little jam … Read More

via Fig Jam and Lime Cordial


One Comment to “just a little Chocolate Butterfly Cakes (via Fig Jam and Lime Cordial)”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, C, and I’m so glad the butterfly cakes gave you a little cheer. I hope this birthday isn’t too daunting! It’s funny how things from our childhood stick with us – I always had piano lessons which I dreaded on a Wednesday afternoon, and it wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I was able to wake up on a Wednesday morning without feeling nauseous.

    I know butterflies are a symbol of metamorphosis, but I hope you don’t feel a need to change too much on your birthday, you’re lovely just the way you are! 🙂

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