just a little gelato

Since getting a new job, lunch outings and downtown eating seemed to be picking up.  This week I’m going to get back on track with cooking at my IKEA furnished studio, writing on my lunch and hitting the gym before or after work.  However, I did want to offer up a delicious suggestion: gelato.  It was so amazing that I wrote about the café on my Examiner page, CLICK HERE .

Their paninis were fantastic and I could tell that they had chosen wisely with their ingredients, but this gave me a bit of a slap on the hand and a little voice said, “You could make something pretty close to this at home.”  Maybe that’s being a bit overzealous but I would be at least saving money on a homemade sandwich even if I don’t have a grill.

So it is Monday morning and I started off on the right food with a thirty minute run at the gym (although I almost lost my keys), a few leg workouts, and crunches on the Bosu.  This was followed by a delicious three egg-white omelet with brie cheese, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, scallions, and chopped garlic.  Okay, so I did nibble on a sweet roll too; it paired so nicely with my French pressed coffee.  Soon enough I will be getting ready for work and I’m pretty impressed that I even have my outfit picked out already.

Have a great week everybody and let’s hope we have some fun even before Friday comes.


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