just a little bachelorette cooking

 I may have mentioned this before but living in Downtown San Diego alone with your dog, as much as I love to cook, isn’t exactly conducive to cooking.  Mainly because I don’t have enough people to cook for and I get rather lazy to be honest.  For instance, the other morning, rather than making an egg white omelet or breakfast burrito (which I will tell you, I did make today), I decided to pop in some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls into the oven.  Sacrilege?  I didn’t feel as though they had enough cinnamon so I sprinkled some more over the tops.

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2 Comments to “just a little bachelorette cooking”

  1. Baking is baking. Plus you tweaked it.

    I have a soft spot for ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls. Have you tried the Trader Joe ones that you let proof over night? They are a bit addictive.

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