just a little summerland

My trip to Santa Barbara was no doubt the marker for summer.  With a handful of hot ladies, sun, shopping, and naps on the sand, I knew it was going to be difficult coming back to reality. 

Maybe it was destiny then that when I did come back, my lifestyle did change a bit.  New job.  A little break time in between.  I don’t remember the last time I had this much free time.

I was kicking around the idea of getting out-of-town for a bit.  Hop on a plane or drive up to some other California destination but I can’t really decide.  I’m tempted just to enjoy my home town for a bit and feel like I have a real summer again.

The San Diego Fair has also been in full swing with fried goodies and not-so-good goodies, carnival games, commercial booths, and those cute four-legged friends.

I have already been twice and I don’t think I want to go again.  It is a childhood favorite of mine but all I know is that if I risk a third attempt I just might risk a heart attack.  Can you believe they actually sell fried butter???  I feel like I need my stomach pumped just reading the sign.  Chocolate covered bacon actually makes more sense to me than the chocolate covered pickle.  I love pickles but that sounds like a tummy ache. 

I only missed out on having two things: (1) Kettle Corn and (2) Grilled Corn on the Cob.  Sigh…  Next year.  

So now I am left thinking about what my next adventure will be: to stay in San Diego or venture out for a couple of days. 


2 Comments to “just a little summerland”

  1. fried butter?!?! what! that sounds so gross!!!

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