just a little lazy vivi

I am going out-of-town this weekend for a girls’ trip (the first ever of my life) to celebrate my very lovely friend’s birthday.  Where to?  Santa Barbara—Check out where we are staying!  What do I have packed so far?  Nothing, but I have all intentions of bringing two bikinis, two dresses, a pair of jeans, a cute top, sexy pair of heals, and maybe some flip-flops for good measure.  I have a tendency to pack too much.

My excitement levels are definitely through the roof and I was trying to remember the last relaxing weekend I had…Vegas certainly didn’t count!  There’s only a couple of things that have me a little homesick already and one is my dear Vivi who doesn’t seem to ever NOT have a relaxing weekend.  She lives the life, I tell you.

I also have a debate about whether to bring my trusty new laptop along with me.  I have been trying to ask myself, “Are you really going to use the Wi-Fi and the gym during a two-day excursion with some great ladies after drinking one too many margaritas?  No, probably not, but I’m not sold on leaving it behind.  There’s a few things that I have wanted to post and haven’t gotten a chance, but I suppose those things can wait, non?

Let the relaxation begin!


3 Comments to “just a little lazy vivi”

  1. Have a great time! And doesn’t your girl look mellow.. 🙂

  2. That’s wonderful!

    But remember it’s Santa Barbara, which (at least for me) means minimal packing: if in doubt, leave it at home (you can always shop for it over the weekend if you really need it).

    Have a great time!

    • You would be so proud of me then! I packed two dresses, a pair of jeans, cute top, two pairs of shoes, and my toiletries…only had to use my little bag. Of course I came back with two new pairs of flats and a handful of bracelets. ;p

      Miss you!

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