just a little jonesing

There were a few things I was contemplating writing about…some happy…some not so much.  I decided to get today’s inspiration from my two-day addiction to a newly found coffee shop in my new village.  The past two mornings…okay I spent the whole day yesterday there…has been at Java Jones in East Village.  Just six blocks over is the perfect place for me to set-up my lap-top grab coffee and a crepe, and even take Saint Geneviève if  want.  The front of the cafe opens up to the street.  The San Diego breeze funnels its way through the sky-scrapers to give me a bit of a chill before I sip my coffee. 

Taking a look around, I can tell that this place is an extended living room.  Shoes optional and go ahead and let the pups on the couch.  Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain is playing overhead and this place couldn’t get any better unless it was right on the water.  But I’m not complaining; there is something extremely fascinating and lovely about sitting in the middle of the city.  I’m having a relaxing yet productive morning and please do check out my Dessert Examiner (HERE) because I fell in love with a chocolatier that I had been pleading to try taste of.

Next on the agenda? Make a trip to see the folks and my nieces.


One Comment to “just a little jonesing”

  1. I love savory crepes. I made this {http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/05/mushroom-crepe-cake/} a few weekends ago for a brunch. I highly recommend it! Happy Sunday!

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