just a little holiday…involving DOUGHNUTS!

In my last post I had mentioned that I was having a terrible craving for doughnuts.  Looking back, I think my stomach was gearing up for today’s day of wonderful awesomeness: National Doughnut Day(Check out the link!). 

I recently tried out Sunny Donuts, which was a bit of an adventure because Yelp listed in one location, however it had moved to another.  Now, in Southern California, at least to my knowledge, we do not have Dunkin Donuts to the dismay of my boss.  There is a rumor going around that this is a “secret” Dunkin Donuts, however there isn’t any indication of it being so except that the website linked to the Yelp page says so.  Columbo to the rescue!  When I visit the site the location in San Diego doesn’t show up so I really have no idea and don’t especially care because i seems as though they don’t run out of French Crullers like my childhood Winchel’s did.

The waitress sets me up at the empty end of the counter.  I shouldn’t say waitress.  It is clearly family owned and the woman’s family has set them selves up at the other end of the counter eating what I am guessing are large bowls of oatmeal with the regulars–two older gentlemen that are 100% war veterans.  The donut shop owners call them by name–I can’t wait to be retired; there are going to be TONS of places where everyone knows my name.

Coffee comes in tiny cups, but that’s okay because they look over to check if I need anything pretty regularly.  It is fair to say that if I didn’t have to go to work today that I would be there right now, nibbling on the chocolate donut holes I had been eye-balling and a big powdered doughnut. 



2 Comments to “just a little holiday…involving DOUGHNUTS!”

  1. if you ever find that secret dunkin, please please let me know 🙂

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