just a little underland…err wonderland?

Last  Sunday in order to show my pup just how much I love her and I really DO want to spend ALL my time with her, we took a little on foot excursion to Balboa Park.  The trek is about a half hour away from my studio in East Village.  The weather was bright but cool and the night previously I had been watching the recent version of Alice in Wonderland and had an itch to look at roses.  White roses are my favorite.

It amazes me every time I take her out about the town what a socialite she is.  All walks of life want to pet her and know her story.  I believe more people know about her than me…I like it that way.  Some crazy person gave her up for the silly reason that she was a terrible guard dog.  Well, I suppose if that is what you were looking for, then yes, she is.  But dogs are like people and shouldn’t be made to be something they’re not.


One Comment to “just a little underland…err wonderland?”

  1. Great movie! And beautiful dog – Genevieve looks very happy! 🙂

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