She’s TOXIC!

I was very tempted to have the Brittany Spears song playing in the background but that would give you the impression that what I am suffering from is a good thing.  Okay, so maybe it was partially my fault for not checking, but doesn’t mean I should be participating in a near-death experience just because my dog got out of her crate and gorged herself on dry dog food.

Boxers, if you don’t know, are notorious at being a rather gassy pal.  More so when they eat something that upsets their stomach or just too much.  I have to say that there is some pride in knowing that Saint Geneviève can lick the bottom latch open on her crate.  Smart dog, non?  However, it yesterday’s case, I had failed to use my newly purchased Master Lock to inhibit this behavior and she undoubtedly got out.  This really wouldn’t have been a problem since she’s not much of a chewer in comparison the ruthlessly digging (See Evidence below).

Done all by digging.

 So why is she toxic besides having chronic gas?  Well, because last night as I was grocery shopping, she got out and decided not to politely wait for me to have dinner with her.  Her gigantic freshly open bag of food was in her sights and she helped herself.  The result?  A dog that no longer resembles the lean and well figured Vivi, but more of Rolly from a 101 Dalmatians.  Currently, she’s laying next to me in a food coma and passing the worst gas that I have ever smelled from any living thing.  I do feel bad for her; she can’t possibly feel well.  I love you any way VIVI!   

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