just a little box of doughnuts

A couple of months back when I still had television and cable (i.e. the Food Network and Sam the Cooking Guy), I had really gotten on this kick to what a show called The Best ______ (fill in the blank with food).  Well one in particular was all about doughnuts and usually I’m pretty good at keeping the craving away since I know it only results in gluttony and a stomach ache.  However, growing up, this was not the case.  Doughnuts in pink boxes came at least weekly, filled with cinnamon rolls, French crullers, chocolate bars, and sprinkled rings of awesomeness.

Currently, I have been trying to be very very good about spending money on food.  Cooking more, bringing in food to work, so when I splurge on a meal even as small as a cup of coffee or a sandwich…I feel a little bit guilty!  I’m a big saver, you see.  Don’t make a ton of money, but I manage to look like I can take care of myself.  That’s a whole other story–back to DOUGHNUTS!

This morning, I fought off the craving and the burning dollar bills in my pocket-book.  Instead I perused pictures of my delicious fried cake.  Sad?  Maybe, one of these days I will plan on a morning or evening to just savor one.  Can’t really savor my goody if I’m blasting off to work on the I5, now can I?

I better think of what doughnuts I plan on getting for this little festival of mine…  In Food Network fashion, tell me, what is the BEST doughnut you ever had?


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