just a little fyi

One good reason to bring your camera everywhere with you and not just rely on a rinky dink camera phone is that when you move, you won’t have to worry about where you last put the cable hook-up to connect your phone to the computer.  ><  Even as I write this I am periodically rummaging in what may reveal the result I’m looking for.  Oh well!  It will come up somewhere, right?

I was intending to show you some rather healthy dishes that I have made since moving here into my 500+ sq ft heaven.  No really, not at all chocolate or baking related: greek salad and an orzo dish.  I also intended on sharing how for longer than should be admitted, the only thing in my refrigerator was a cupcake and condiments. 

More exciting, last weekend I attended Gator by the Bay; a Cajun festival if you will put on every year directly along San Diego Bay waters.  What do they have a Cajun festival, you ask?  Fiddles and accordions and great spicy food from the south.  Against my moral sensibilities, I even tried a bit of fried gator, which…duh…it’s chewy.  I didn’t go overboard with the eats but I was happy to learn about a local restaurant that sells jambalaya, fried green tomatoes, and good lord I can’t wait to find out what else.  The Gulf Coast Grill set up a booth and had I room in my belly I would have nibbled on those fried green tomatoes.  Hopefully one of these days I will check them out and show you all the outcome.

As always, thank you for stopping by, once I clean up around here I’ll be sure to have more!  Okay…I found the cable:

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2 Comments to “just a little fyi”

  1. I’m so jealous right now. Gator by the Bay is so fun.

    I still haven’t found properly spicy food in New England. I even went to a chili festival. I like it over here, but there seems to be this belief that everything needs to be sweetened or battered (or both).

    • What was great was how beautiful of a day it was. Parked my butt on the grass and ate hush puppies and catfish. “Can’t forget the hot sauce,” said another patron as I almost passed up the condiments!

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