just a little basket of chocolategasm

I have for a long time now been wanting an ice cream maker as ice cream is in fact my favorite dessert.  Although  having been somewhat of a chubby child and believing ice cream every night before bed was the best idea, as an adult, staved off the idea of buying an ice cream maker for fear of becoming a repeat offender.  However, due to a recent gift of sheer awesomeness, it appears that this purchase is going to be inevitable. 

I have yet to put it all away...it is just so wonderful...


7 Comments to “just a little basket of chocolategasm”

  1. oooh yeah i’d so be all over that basket. guess you HAVE to buy an ice cream maker now!!!

  2. Wow, that looks absolutely fabulous! Ice cream makers are now pretty cheap, but I think David Lebovitz’s blog has instructions for making ice cream without a machine if you can’t wait. What a great way to start 2010! 🙂

  3. They look so yum!

    I bought an ice-cream maker a few years ago… wow is all I can say! Nothing beats homemade ice-cream! I used to make heaps of brown bread ice-cream and crunchie ice-cream… *drool*
    Tho’ Ben & Jerry’s is great for that instant ice-cream hit 🙂

  4. That basket wouldn’t last the day with me.. I am temptations bestest friend 😉

  5. I only respond to this because I am of the ice cream before bed crowd. I ate frozen yogurt from Sully’s every night for months…lost 100lbs. 🙂 Guess it depends what kind of ice cream you’re going for!

    All hail frozen dairy treats!!

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