just a little bit of fall

It takes a great big push from Mother Nature to get Fall rolling in Southern California.  September, my birth month, getting back to school, the last summer weekends, has definitely rolled on past me this year.  I have mixed feelings about it and contrary to previous years I’m ready for sweaters, soups, movie nights, and those lovely activities that make cold nights irresistable.

Chillier weather also means more time indoors and more time to write without being distracted.  I have more photos than I know what to do with now when before I had every intention of creating a blog entry for each.  Then there’s the novel.  If it were a quilt, the patches could be found in every corner of my room waiting to be stitched into a cohesive pattern.  I would also like to do a few short stories inspired by some great art seen on fellow bloggers’ sites.  I’m looking forward to my hand cramping and knuckles being sore from all the writing.

It is a bit funny that I’m discussing all the low temperatures when we’re currently experiencing beautiful sunshine and pending santa ana.  I may have to plan a trip to the beach with Saint Geneviève who thoroughly enjoys the feeling of coarse sand underfoot.  Despite the city’s stubbornness to Mother Nature, I can feel it change. 

The mornings inspire me to bury my nose longer into my pillow.  The dew builds into a fog over the park near the apartment.  I find myself looking for mischief in the shadows.  Perhaps I’m sensitive to it all because I feel myself changing.  I don’t want to say it is me getting older or even growing up–it’s something else.  Getting smarter maybe, no, that would require more reading time than I’ve had lately…more experienced?  It isn’t a transformation; I’m not a butterfly.  If anything, it is slow like a chameleon and I’m finding my colors change as my circumstances and life changes around me.

Like anyone else, there are so many things I want to do, to see, to live through and hardly enough time to do it all.  I have always thought I had excellent time management skills.  Recently, I feel I may need to reassess that. 

It’s time to find home.


One Comment to “just a little bit of fall”

  1. You’re evolving and growing – not growing up, just growing. Enjoy the process. 🙂

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